Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Navy That Couldn't Shoot Straight

MON 8 NOV 1943
Japanese dive bombers attack U.S. ships off Cape Torokina, Bougainville, damaging light cruiser Birmingham (CL-62), 06°00'S, 154°00'E, and attack transports Fuller (APA-7) and President Jackson (APA-18), 06°15'S, 155°05'E.

Destroyers Anthony (DD-515) and Hudson (DD-475) accidentally engage motor torpedo boats PT-163, PT-169, and PT-170; fortunately, neither side suffers any damage in the mistaken encounter.

Submarine Bluefish (SS-222) sinks Japanese army tanker Kyokuei Maru, 17°00'N, 116°19'E. Although Bluefish claims to destroy five more ships, none are damaged; escort vessel Tsushima counterattacks unsuccessfully.

Submarine Rasher (SS-269) sinks Japanese merchant tanker Tango Maru, 00°25'N, 119°45'E, and escapes attacks by auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 41.

Advanced Amphibious Training Base, Plymouth, England, is established. It will be one of the bases used in the buildup for the cross-channel invasions that will begin in June 1944; the command will not be disestablished until 7 December 1945.

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