Thursday, July 12, 2018

U.S. Begins Bombing Vietnam

MON 12 JUL 1943
Four light cruisers and two destroyers of TG 36.9 (Rear Admiral Aaron S. Merrill) bombard Munda, New Georgia, Solomons.

Coast Guard cutter Taney (WPG-37), reconnoitering Baker Island*, is bombed, but not damaged, by Japanese flying boat.

Destroyer Taylor (DD-468) sinks Japanese submarine RO 107 east of Kolombangara, Solomons, 08°00'S, 157°19'E.

Submarine Mingo (SS-261) stalks Japanese convoy but her attack, principally directed against cargo vessel Ryoyo Maru, is not successful, 00°54'N, 143°01'E. Counterattacks by two of the ships of Submarine Chaser Division 23 (Ch 22, Ch 23, and Ch 24), which are escorting Ryoyo Maru and two other merchantmen, likewise do not succeed in their object.

Submarine Plunger (SS-179) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Niitaka Maru in the Sea of Japan, west of Hokkaido, 43°02'N, 140°00'E.

Submarine Spearfish (SS-190) damages Japanese destroyer Kawakaze 11°12'N, 161°50'E.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force) bomb Japanese shipping in Dulong Bay, 18 miles east of Haiphong, French Indochina, and sink cargo ships Chikuzan Maru (ex-Ariadne Moller) and Tairyu Maru, 20°52'N, 106°41'E.

USAAF B-24s sink German submarine U-506 off coast of Portugal, 42°30'N, 16°30'W.

U.S. freighter African Star is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-172 off the coast of Brazil at 25°46'S, 40°35'W. One of the 31-man Armed Guard is lost in the initial explosion, but the 56-man merchant complement survives intact. U-172 surfaces after sinking the ship, questions a few of the survivors and then provides them with directions to the nearest land before she retires (see 13 July 1943).

German air attacks against invasion shipping off Sicily continue. U.S. freighter Joseph G. Cannon is struck by a bomb and sinks in shallow water; she suffers no casualties to the 40-man merchant complement or the 25-man Armed Guard, although a number of British soldiers on board perish when the bomb hits the ship.

*Our curiosity was piqued by the lack of latitude & longitude.
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