Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal Continues, Continuing

SAT 14 NOV 1942
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal continues as bombardment of Henderson Field by heavy cruisers Suzuya and Maya fails to achieve the desired effect, prompting the postponement of the landing of troops from the 11 transports poised to proceed down the "Slot" toward Guadalcanal.

Japanese heavy cruisers Chokai and Kinugasa, light cruiser Isuzu and two destroyers (Vice Admiral Mikawa Gunichi) and heavy cruisers Maya and Suzuya, light cruiser Tenryu and four destroyers (Rear Admiral Nishimura Shoji), come under attack by planes from carrier Enterprise (CV-6) and from Henderson Field: Kinugasa is sunk by USMC SBDs (VMSB 132), 15 nautical miles northwest of Rendova Island, 08°45'S, 157°00'E. Maya (crashed by a crippled VB 10 SBD) and Isuzu are damaged south of New Georgia Island; Chokai, Tenryu, and destroyer Ayanami are also damaged.

That afternoon, USMC and Navy land-based SBDs and TBFs bomb Japanese convoy off Guadalcanal, sinking transports/cargo ships Arizona Maru and Canberra Maru and merchant transport/cargo ships Brisbane Maru (VS 10, VMSB 141), Kumagawa Maru (VMSB 130), Nagara Maru (VT 10), Nako Maru and Shinano Maru (CVG 41). Cargo ship Sado Maru is damaged.

Beginning shortly before midnight, TF 64 (Rear Admiral Willis A. Lee Jr.), comprising battleships Washington (BB-56) and South Dakota (BB-57) and four destroyers, engages a Japanese naval force comprising a battleship, a light cruiser, and six destroyers (Vice Admiral Kondo Nobutake) in the Battle of Guadalcanal. Japanese gunfire sinks destroyers Preston (DD-379) (by light cruiser Nagara) and Walke (DD-416) (see 15 November).

Indian Ocean
First boatload of survivors from U.S. freighter Excello, sunk by German submarine U-181 the previous day, make landfall at Port St. John, South Africa.

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