Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Trumpicidal"? Th' Hell?

Honest to Gawd, you shouldn't click, but the amount of bitchin' & tweetin' over a tire is astonishing. And let's face it, "Fearless Conservative Firebrand" is Dumbest Man on the iNternet-speak for obnoxious attention-seeking loudmouth (as you can determine from the amount of whining) so it's likely that someone at whom Laura (One of Superman's "L.L." girlfriends?) Loomer mouthed off simply because it's her nature slit the tire (or didn't; photographic evidence is debatable) w/o any political motivation.

Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit:
Fearless Conservative Firebrand Laura Loomer Has Car Tires Slashed
What can I say but:
Oh. This person:
Loomer, 24, made international headlines in June when she made a visit to the stage during a trumpicidal production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in New York City’s Central Park, yelling, “Do you want Trump to be assassinated?”
I was right about attention seeking loudmouth.

And an update/cop-out from the horse's mouth/patoot:
UPDATED: A mechanic called us to say the tires may not have been slashed. This may have been a blowout.
Srsly, every one of these people except the honest mechanic should go fuck themselves.

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