Thursday, March 2, 2017

From The Mail Bag

Whitey Tape guy gets all pissy w/ me after I left a little note (no longer there, of course) at his web-log wondering just where that "Whitey Tape" was. (Subject line: "Ciao"):

Larry Johnson

Feb 28 (2 days ago)

You are not welcome at my blog. You are incapable of a civil comment or conversation. I don’t require commenters to share my opinion or views. I do ask that they go to the effort to show some thought, avoid the ad hominem and engage the issue. It appears to are saddled with some serious personality deficits and this is asking too much of you.
Good luck.
Got to love (L-U-V!) a paranoid fantasist like Larry telling me about "serious personality deficits". ("Deficits"?) Of course I called him a jerk or an idiot, explaining the "ad hominem".

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