Monday, September 5, 2016

P.S.: Good Riddance!

At last, a sign of the demographic change we've been promised: Some 80 (very) odd yrs. after her mind became ossified (the first time she heard about Jesus, we assume) Old (nonagenarian) Crow Phyllis Schlafly's body has followed her mind in death.

Bircher paranoid but lied about it:
The Schlaflys’ politics were concentrated on the external threat posed by Communism, not the crusade against domestic Communist infiltration led by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin. They opposed summit meetings and limits on nuclear testing and favored a constitutional amendment to prevent the president from negotiating international treaties.

Many members of the Mindszenty Foundation were also members of the ultraright John Birch Society, and its founder, Robert Welch, once called Mrs. Schlafly “one of our most loyal members.” The Schlaflys denied they were members.

In 1964, Mrs. Schlafly was an active supporter of Goldwater’s presidential campaign. In her self-published pocket-size book promoting his candidacy, “A Choice Not an Echo,” she contended that Republican presidential nominations were rigged by “secret kingmakers.” By some estimates, the book sold as many as 3.5 million copies.

Writing in The New Yorker in 2005, Elizabeth Kolbert said the book “mixed fact, sensational accusations, commonsensical truths, and elaborate conspiracy theories into a compelling but evidently bogus narrative.”

Mrs. Schlafly became closely identified with Goldwater’s landslide defeat in 1964, and in 1967 she lost a bitter campaign for the presidency of the National Federation of Republican Women. Another run for Congress, from another Illinois district, in 1970, also ended in defeat.
Failed in every attempt to gain elected political office, too. Sad!

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I bet she blew a blood vessel when she realized a woman would be elected PotUS.

Weird Dave said...

One can hope...