Saturday, February 13, 2016

One Down, Several More To Go

Panel from The Spirit by Will Eisner,
29 September 1940.
It is to be hoped that the morbidly obese Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suffered before his untimely (in the sense of it being much much later than he deserved) death. Maybe Fat Tony awoke to see Jesus at the foot of his bed rattling chains in one hand & holding a ticket to hell for him in the other, & had the sudden realization that everything he'd done was wrong.

We can only add that a real man, as opposed to a homo-fearing closet case like Scalia, would have died in the woods shooting at animals after his sleep at a hunting resort, luxury lodge or whatever it was called (w/ all expenses no doubt paid by some fucking capitalist pirate) not during, like a big fat mackerel-snapping fairy. Nine children. Compensating a little much?

Can we nominate an atheist to offset the eight or ten Catholics already on the court?

You read it here first: When lying cheating sack o'shit Republican governors force the Presidential Selection to the Supreme Court this time there'll be a hell of a Constitutional crisis trying to install Trump on a 4-4 vote. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for America.

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