Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey Sheep, Your States Suck
Just As Much As You Do!

Grading on a curve, because everything & everybody are made of total & absolute shit, but fuck the rest of you jerks & your crummy backwater states anyway.
The top of the pack includes bastions of progressive government, including California (ranked 2nd with a C-), and states notorious for corrupt pasts (Connecticut, 3rd with a C-, and Rhode Island, 5th with a D+). In those New England states, scandals led to significant reforms and relatively robust ethics laws, even if dubious dealings linger in the halls of government. The bottom includes many western states that champion limited government, like Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming, but also others, such as Maine, Delaware and dead-last Michigan, that have not adopted the types of ethics and open records laws common in many other states.
Fucking losers, every last one of you. Save me the trouble & kill yourselves already, you've no reason to live.

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