Friday, September 18, 2015

Soooooo-eeeeee!! Worst Oinker
In The World Today

Believe it or shove it, today's victim is creepy Wisc. Gov. Snotty Scottie Walker:
Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov., Scott Walker speaks at a presidential forum sponsored by Heritage Action
at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Friday, Sept. 18, 2015, in Greenville, S.C.
No effing idea what he's up to above, & we can only assume he hasn't a clue either. Case in point:

Asked About Ferguson,
Scott Walker Says
Police Are Always Right

Meanwhile in the real world, not going into the murder of the innocent & unarmed, just the usual testi-lying:
Police in Massachusetts say an officer fabricated a claim that a gunman fired at his cruiser before it crashed into a tree and caught on fire.

NECN reports ( that Millis police Sgt. William Dwyer says the only ballistics evidence recovered at the scene Wednesday were from shots fired by the officer into his own cruiser.

Police said Thursday that they aren't sure if the officer set the car on fire.

They said authorities will determine what criminal charges the 27-year-old officer will face.

People on Wednesday were asked to remain inside for several hours as police, including SWAT team officers, scoured the wooded neighborhood along the Charles River for the reported gunman. Schools were closed Thursday as a precaution.

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