Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Telephone Is Ringing,
You Got Me On The Run

[Editor's Preamble to The Constitutional Issues: Nothing funny here, merely futher sad & pathetic examples of how sadly pathetic Americans are, w/ their gnat-like attention spans & functional illiteracy forcing them to resist progress & repeat history again & again. WILL THEY NEVER FUCKING LEARN?]
Is anyone who hasn't been livng under that proverbial rock since maybe WWII surprised that The Telephone Company & J. Edgar Hoover & his heirs are cut from the same Commie/"terrorist"-fearing cloth? Really, how is this news?
Or new, even? Because I've a more than vague memory that this was something that no one really cared or did anything about some seven yrs. ago, also too.

If the Press Corpse maintained links (None in the two Web of Evil items above are good now.) The New York Times could look it up, realize no one cared then & certainly won't now & assign the reporters to do another wacky-rich-people-in-New-York-City feature & this ennui-filled (because it's Sisyphus all the way down, over & over) reporter can be spared the suffering of retention of knowledge & having to go on about everything wrong yet again.

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