Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pandering To Idiots

Can not wait for these frightened delusional & just plain tiresome dipstix to get the hell out of the way & die.¹
Chuck Norris, for example, might give some of the junk for which he shills a try & then keel over.We note that Ms. Maddow is making the same differentiation that Roy Edroso often makes at alicublog, the distinction between "normal people"²/the real world & paranoid/reactionary theocratic Republicans, if I'm not repeating myself too much.

And speaking of repetition, four gray-haired white guys³ weighing in ...
¹ Although my mortal remains will no doubt have been donated to science by then as well. Born too early.
² Loath as a full-time/semi-professional weirdo like this reporter is to be associated w/ "normality", let alone "normal people", even my grasp of reality & its grim nature is firmer than that of anyone to the right of, say, Hillary ClintonBernie Sanders.
³ O.K., three honest & one peculiar color deal.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Obama is a faggy muslin wimp and diabolical, ruthless tyrant, too.

* He's really just another corporate whore, but not everyone agrees! (Link for your amusement.)