Monday, March 2, 2015

Warren Buffet Must Die!

If wretched aging parasite Warren Buffet wants to see actual anger (let alone violence) he should c'mon down to the Web of Evil bunker so he can be kneed in the nuts & then his jaw broken w/ said knee when he doubles up in reaction. Then we won't have to listen to any more bullshit from his blood-sucking mouth.

Then we'll get him working for a living. A few eight-hr. days digging ditches in the hot sun until he collapses & dies should be a good lesson for the rent-seeking parasites & slumlords.

Mr. Buffet, by the fucking way, might consider being just a little bit less wealthy on the backs of working people.

Who's w/ me, or are you all cowards who still delude yourselves you have something to lose if you resist? You have nothing, realize it!

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