Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Today In Election 2015

He's got my vote!!!
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WARNING: May contain autoplay, for the cynical who click to verify. Which should teach you to be a cynic. And if you don't believe your lying eyes, better hurry; smart money says the site will be a ghost w/in hrs. of Jozef receiving the sound drubbing he deserves.

In local meta-election news, the City of L.A. is voting on holding elections post-2020 in even-numbered yrs. rather than odd-numbered yrs., an idea of the idiot Kansans, Iowans & Okies who wrote the City Charter at the beginning of the last century, thinking the fucking sheep electorate would pay more attention in a non-Presidential/gubernatorial yr. The result has been virtual ignorance of municipal elections & (primary at least) turn-out around 25% or something. (All the interns have left the bunker; no actual research has been done. Any statistics, facts, claims, representations or vague generalizations here are based solely on vague memories floating about on the scum at the top of the brain.)

Jeb Bush, on the other hand, doesn't need to vote, does he? (Dollars to doughnuts he hasn't bothered since the last time he was running for office & made the traditional early a.m. trip to the polls.) He's too busy w/ business, & has much better ways to get his way than something as vulgar as voting.

Will of the people? Wise the fuck up already.

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Weird Dave said...

How else is he going to lose 75lbs in five minutes?