Thursday, November 21, 2019

Battleship Kongo Sunk

TUE 21 NOV 1944
Two light cruisers and nine destroyers of TF 92 (Rear Admiral John L. McCrea) bombard Japanese naval air installations on Matsuwa Island, Kurils.

Submarine Flounder (SS-251) attacks Japanese convoy in the South China Sea, damaging army cargo ship Gyosan Maru, 10°36'N, 115°08'; later, submarine Guavina (SS-362) completes destruction of Gyosan Maru off Tizard's Reef, 10°22'N, 114°22'E.

Submarine Scabbardfish (SS-397) sinks Japanese victualling stores ship Hokkai Maru 200 nautical miles south of Tokyo, 33°20'N, 142°00'E.

Submarine Sealion (SS-315) attacks Japanese task force, and sinks battleship Kongo and destroyer Urakaze about 60 miles north-northwest of Formosa, 26°07'N, 121°36'E.

Japanese oceanographic research vessel Kaiyo No.2 is sunk by U.S. aircraft in the Celebes Sea.

USAAF B-24 sinks Japanese ship Shinsei Maru in Makassar Strait, 02°04'N, 119°12'E.

Japanese cargo ship Fukurei Maru is sunk by marine casualty off west coast of Korea, 38°08'N, 124°34'E.

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