Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Economy On A Roll!

Ryan McCrimmon / Politico:
Economists flee Agriculture Dept. after feeling punished under Trump  —  Economists in the Agriculture Department's research branch say the Trump administration is retaliating against them for publishing reports that shed negative light on White House policies, spurring an exodus that included six …
Matthew Chapman / Raw Story:   Economists flee Agriculture Department after facing retaliation for criticizing Trump's trade war
Emily Singer / Shareblue Media:   Trump punishes government economists for finding his tax scam hurt farmers
Financial Times:   Why Democrats don't want to mention Trump's (trade) war
Heather Long / Washington Post:
Trump's steel tariffs cost U.S. consumers $900,000 for every job created, experts say  —  Pressure is growing on Trump to remove steel and aluminum tariffs.  —  President Trump has shown little interest in removing the steel and aluminum tariffs he imposed more than a year ago despite growing …
Nothing could possibly go wrong could it?

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