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SAT 22 APR 1944
TF 77 (Rear Admiral Daniel E. Barbey) lands two divisions of the I Army Corps (Lieutenant General Robert L. Eichelberger, USA) at Aitape and Tanahmerah Bay in Operation PERSECUTION, and Humboldt Bay, Hollandia, New Guinea, in Operation RECKLESS, 300 miles inside the outer Japanese defensive perimeter. TG 77.1 (Rear Admiral Barbey) lands the 163rd RCT, 41st Infantry Division (Brigadier General Doe) at Aitape; TG 77.2 (Rear Admiral Fechteler) lands the 24th Infantry Division (Major General Irving) at Tanamerah Bay; TG 77.3 (Captain Alfred G. Noble) lands the 41st Infantry Division (Major General Irving) at Humboldt Bay. Escort carrier force (TF 78) (Rear Admiral Ralph E. Davison) provides close air support while TF 74 (Rear Admiral Victor A. C. Crutchley, RN) and TF 75 (Rear Admiral Russell S. Berkey) provide gunfire support in landings that proceed against slight resistance. Fast carrier task force TF 58 (Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher) also provides support. Hollandia becomes a major staging area for the next phase of the New Guinea campaign.
United States Naval Photographic Center 1897.
National Archives description:
1) MS Troops entering LCP; AK in bg; destroyer in bg.
2) CU Troops boarding LCP.
3) MS LCP underway loaded with troops; AK's and DD's at anchor in bay.
4) MS Troops, going up landing net, wearing full packs.
5) LA MS Troops going up ladder in full gear.
6) LS LCI's sitting offshore.
7) LS AK sitting at anchor offshore.
8) LS LCI's at anchor offshore.
9) MS Two men on signal bridge of ship talking; convoy in bg.
10) HA MCU Soldiers, on deck, playing cards.
11) MCU Soldiers and marines on deck of ship; man cleaning M1 carbine.
12) MCU Marine, with shirt off, cleaning rifle; men playing cards and smoking.
13) MCU Man cleaning submachine guns.
14) MCU Soldier, wearing rosary, Iying on deck reading; men playing cards and smoking in bg.
15) MS Over-all shot of soldiers lounging on deck.
16) HA MCU Hands of men playing cards; man removing cigarettes from pack.
17) MS Soldiers sitting on deck peeling potatoes.
18) MCU Soldiers playing cards; other soldiers in bg.
19) LS Part of convoy; AK's DD's and troops ships underway.
20) MCU Men cleaning 30 cal. machine gun on deck of USS Humphreys.
21) LS APD firing; hits made onshore.
22) LS Cruiser or destroyer firing; LCVP's heading toward shore; flashes from guns firing (night scene).
23) MLS Head-on view of LCP underway.
24) LS Three LCP's heading toward beach; destroyers in bg.
25) MCU Men sitting in LCP; men loaded with full packs and helmets.
26) MS LCP underway; stern of another LCP alongside.
27) MS LCP underway.
28) LS Convoy.
29) LS LCP underway; destroyer in bg.
30) MS Destroyer firing (bow view).
31) MS Four LCP's underway.
32) MLS Explosions on beach; water and smoke rising into air.
33) LS Explosions on beach; helmets of men as they ride toward beach in LCP in fg.
34) LS Tracers being fired at beach; LCP underway in fg.
35) MS Troops coming off LCP, onto beach, in full gear.
36) MS R4D landing.
37) MS Adm. Halsey and staff disembarking R4D; photographer taking pictures in fg; admiral saluted by officers; PAN as he and staff walk away from plane side.
38) MS Adm. Halsey in car which has four stars on it.
39) MS Car driving down ramp; soldiers in ranks in bg.
40) LS Adm. Halsey, riding in car, inspecting troops.
41) MS Adm. Halsey inspecting troops; PAN as admiral comes up to reviewing stand.
42) MS Officers on reviewing stand at attention.
43) LS Troops marching; Army band in front.
44) MS Officers standing at attention on reviewing stand.
45) MS Army band passing; troops marching in bg.
46) MS Troops passing, first group carrying rifles.
47) MS Soldiers passing with American flag, followed by others carrying regimental flags; Army band in bg; other troops marching in fg.
48) MLS Troops passing in review (this takes place at Ouatom, New Caledonia).
49) MLS Adm. Halsey walking toward R5D aircraft.
National Archives Identifier: 76248
United States Naval Photographic Center film # 1898.
National Archives description:
1) GV LCMs on beach, bulldozers work.
2) MS Plane passes over. MS File of soldiers, leave beach.
3) GV Soldiers debark LCI ramp, smoke BG-SV (good).
4) GV Japanese huts. LS 2 TBFs pass.
5) GV MS LST hits beach, troops debark LCP FG (good).
6) GV MS Beached tank, LSTs, tractor tows trailer from LST-SV
7) MS Burning Japanese dumps.
8) GV Soldiers mill around, inspect damage & supplies, drink Japanese beer.
9) MS SCU-Pan MacArthur & aides pass-SV.
10) MS GV Funeral ceremonies on deck, body slides into sea.
National Archives Identifier: 76249
PB4Y sights survivors of USAAF B-24 that had been damaged over the Marianas and had ditched on 18 April; PBY sent to rescue the aviators, however, suffers damage in landing and is unable to take off (see 23 April).

Army landing force (Company "I", 3rd Battalion, 111th Infantry) occupies Ujelang Atoll, Marshalls; operation to extend U.S. control over the westernmost atoll is supported by small seaplane tender Onslow (AVP-48) and motor minesweeper YMS-91.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force) attack Japanese Singapore-to-Saigon convoy anchored off Cape St. Jacques, French Indochina, sinking transport (ex-gunboat) Nagata Maru, 10°19'N, 107°05'E; fleet tanker K_ry_ Maru; army cargo vessel London Maru, and merchant tanker No.3 Sansui Maru; and damaging tanker Nisshin Maru. Only escort vessel, submarine chaser Ch 9, escapes the low-level onslaught unscathed.

U.S. aircraft sink Japanese transport Suiten Maru off Murilo Island, Carolines.

British submarine HMS Taurus sinks salvage vessel Hokuan I-Go off Malaya, 07°10'N, 99°20'E.

U.S. freighter George Popham, in convoy FS 28, is damaged by mine while en route from Methel, Scotland, to London, England, at 51 11'20"N, 01 48'40"E, but reaches her destination under her own power. There are no casualties to the merchant complement or the 29-man Armed Guard.

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