Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Day In The Life

Seems nice.
A man who was caught urinating at a Metro Gold Line station in Pasadena Wednesday was found to be carrying a loaded high-powered weapon and an array of ammunition, sheriff’s officials said.

According to the sheriff’s department, the man was spotted Wednesday afternoon urinating in public at the Sierra Madre station. When he was contacted by sheriff’s Transit Policing Division deputies, they discovered he was carrying a “loaded, high-powered firearm,” the use of which is restricted to law enforcement personnel, sheriff’s officials said.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell was expected to release details of the arrest later.

The man’s name was not immediately released.

In addition to the firearm, the man was also carrying “two loaded high-capacity magazines, a suppressor and other dangerous items,” sheriff’s officials said.

City News Service
Hah, that literally reminded me of events mere hrs. ago:
In the parking lot of the Ralphs market at Third St. & La Brea Ave. Security at Ralphs wouldn't let anyone out the western door, where the action was. I noted one of the uniformed oinkers was holding an M-16, 'though not pointing it at anyone. As the sole suspect/victim was already in custody, I can only assume the heat is now scared of empty cars, as well as everything else that makes them nervous. All over by the time I left via the eastern door, ahead of the other security person who'd been sent to be sure no one got out through that door. The M-16 holder was putting it back in his trunk, & I decided it was safe to shoot. Pictures, that is. Ha ha.

Seeing the bottle-blond prisoner, & her new Jeep through which the undercover oinks are going, one must wonder W.T.F. Considering the size of the response, five or six police cars, & the threads the undercovers are sporting, I wonder if this was some sort of sting operation, w/ the coppers playing tourist. Third & La Brea is mere blocks (& La Brea is the next arterial east) from the tourist traps of the Farmer's Market & The Grove. Or the cops are just slobs. [PRO-TIP: When maintaining situational awareness of narcotics agents & like vermin, an untucked shirt, concealing badge & death-dealing weapon, is often a tell.]

Anyway, once I'd snapped the two pics of the ossifers looting the poor woman's/vicious criminal's wheels, the big bearded oaf started looking at me, so I said "Too bad you couldn't kill anyone in cold blood today" to him & went my merry way.


mikey said...

"...a loaded, high powered firearm..."

Huh. I wonder why he wasn't carrying a low powered firearm instead.

M. Bouffant said...

They Do Not Get It Editor:
I prefer a low-powered firearm when urinating in public, myself.

On the other hand, when dropping a load ...