Thursday, March 16, 2017

Up The Irish

Especially up the Irish-American ass of one Mick Mulvaney, Trumpy's director of the O.M.B., currently on telebision lying about things & bragging about how cruel the Trump budget is if you aren't a zillionaire. Mr. Mulvaney is a vicious sack of shit whom I would love to meet in a dark alley very soon.

Hey you fucking drunken bog-monkeys, which one has a real, federal holiday; your imaginary saint, or actually-existed Eye-talian sailor Christopher Columbus? Sad! Losers!

And if Mulvaney isn't enough to convince you every one of these murdering Irish rapists should all be shipped back to their damp rotting island, Sean Spicer is again spewing spit from the podium, this time about Trumpy's already-refuted claims of "wire tapping" or whatever it was about which Trump was baselessly bitching.

Now can we start the deportation proceedings?

John Cole saw it too.

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Quincunx said...

Fuck all those House turds and their puke-green ties. Sociopathic assholes.