Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tugging Away

SUN 29 MAR 1942
Fourth Defense Battalion, USMC, and VMF 212 arrive at Efate, New Hebrides.

U.S. steamship City of New York is torpedoed by German submarine U-160 about 40 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, 35°16'N, 74°25'W. Before the ship is torpedoed a second time, the Armed Guard, who man their gun stations promptly, manages to get 12 rounds off at the U-boat's periscope. A second torpedo sinks the ship, with the Armed Guard leaving only when the bridge is awash (see 30-31 March and 11 April).

U.S. tanker Paulsboro is damaged in heavy seas off Overfalls Lightship; tug Allegheny (AT-19) is sent to her assistance.

U.S. freighter Excelsior suffers engine breakdown off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; tug Kewaydin (AT-24) is sent to tow the ship to Norfolk.


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