Thursday, March 2, 2017

Today's Special Snowflake

I cannot for the life of me figure why these jerkwads want to wear their hair as if they've just been released from a concentration camp where their heads were shaved for lice.

Let's go to the text, which is about on the level of those paranoid screeds mimeographed & wheat-pasted to traffic control boxes when there was no iNternet on which clowns like Page could announce their idiocy:
Page, who worked at Merrill Lynch in Moscow for seven years and says he has advised Russia's oil and gas giant Gazprom on "key transactions," has strongly denied the accusation that he served as a middleman between Trump's campaign and Russia. He called such claims an "illegal" form of "retribution" for a speech he gave in Moscow at the New Economic School last July, in which he slammed the US for its “hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change."

In his long-winded letter, Page blamed the Clinton campaign for what he characterized as perpetuating the story, villainizing him for "vocalizing" his "thoughts in a free academic forum." The letter resembled blog posts Page has written in the past theorizing about the US's motivations for sanctioning Russia, which he called a "sanctimonious expressions of moral superiority."


The letter also includes a bullet-pointed argument for why the negative press surrounding his trip to Russia should be characterized as a hate crime committed by the Clinton campaign, which discriminated against him because he is a "Roman Catholic," a "veteran," and "male."

"I am a lifelong practicing Roman Catholic who attended Catholic schools for 14 years, culminating with my Master of Arts in National Security Studies from Georgetown University in 1994," Carter wrote. "The clear evidence of intolerance against Catholics shown by the 'Hillary for America' campaign and the fact that several of her closest advisors knew of my religion helps to make part of the reason for her attacks more obvious."

Carter concluded that he still "remains a believer in the principles" of his religion "despite the harsh repression that I have endured from the Clinton campaign."

Page also alleged that the Clinton campaign discriminated against him because he is male.

"Although the advancement of women’s rights is essential, Mrs. Clinton has shown further evidence of discrimination on this basis as well last year. Although seen throughout her campaign, it was demonstrated most recently with her 'The future is female' speech last week."

"For these reasons and in summary, it is essential that a full investigation of the crimes committed against me by the Clinton campaign and their associates should be initiated immediately," Page wrote, arguing that the lack of a full investigation into Clinton's "human rights abuses" against him "could have a negative impact on the future arc of US national security."
Can't imagine he'd give a shit about "national security", as he obviously despises this nation & its values. Not that there isn't a certain amount of hypocrisy & sanctimony involved in American lecturing, but c'mon. Shouldn't noting that other nations may also be having trouble w/ "democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change" be considered a good idea? You'd almost think this corrupt dipshit was pro inequality & corruption, & anti democracy or changing regimes. Oh, wait ... never mind.

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Yastreblyansky said...

Can't understand why he left out the part where she cast an impotence spell on him and taunted him continuously through the radio transmitter she installed in his upper left wisdom tooth.