Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Democracy In Inaction

Per an L.A. Times headline (as viewed on Google News) approx. 11.45% turnout, voter-wise, in the County of L.A. & its petty baronies.

City of L.A.-wise, all incumbents returned to office, & the anti-development/developer contribution ballot measure was defeated. (Don't come to me looking for a place to crash when your ass is gentrified to the streets, chump-ass suckers.)

The Day After

Lying in ambush in the U.S. Mail today: "Official Vote By Mail Balloting Material" for the 4 April special election to replace Rep. Xavier Becerra, who left Congress to became Calif.'s Att'y. General when the previous A.G. won last yr.'s U.S. Senate race.

23 candidates on the ballot. Party preferences: One Republican, one Libertarian, one Green & a "None"; the rest prefer Democratic. This one has already been saturating the airwaves (or the cable waves, at least) w/ an advert.

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