Friday, February 19, 2016

When Fascism Comes To America ...

Too late, already here, & Sen. Ted "Raffi" Cruz is the man what brung it!!
As he wrapped up his speech, Cruz, who has said he hopes to rally born-again Christians around his presidential bid, framed his campaign as a religious “awakening.”

“If you agree with me, I want to ask every one of you to do three things; number one, tomorrow come out and vote in the Republican primary and let’s stand together, but number two, bring others,” Cruz said, later adding. “And the last thing I want to ask each of you to do, every minute that you’re not on the phone calling friends and loved ones, spend beseeching God, praying for this country that this awakening, that this spirit of revival that is sweeping the country, that it continues, and grows, and that we awaken the body of Christ.”
Christ on a crutch!

Wanna-be King Cruz will apparently be assisted in his radical transformation of America by such admirable humanoids as Phil Robertson of "Marry 'em young 'fore they learn anything but cooking" fame. Christ, what an asshole.


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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I'm actually relieved that Trump steamrolled Cruz.