Sunday, May 10, 2015

Police Busted!

All sic:

605.90 VISIBLE TATTOOS AND BRANDINGS.  Sworn Department uniformed and plainclothes employees, while on-duty, shall not display any tattoo(s) and/or branding(s). Officers shall cover all tattoo(s)/branding(s) by wearing an authorized long-sleeved uniform shirt if in uniform or if in business attire, the business attire shall cover all tattoo(s)/branding(s) with the following exceptions:

  • If an officer has a visible tattoo(s)/branding(s) that does not extend below the elbow, the officer may wear a black or flesh-colored sleeve or bandage that does not extend below the elbow; and/or,

  • If an officer has only one tattoo/branding covering an area three-inch square or less that is visible on the arm, the officer may, instead of wearing a long-sleeved shirt, cover that area with only one patch, of a color as close to the wearer�s skin color as is reasonably available.  The patch used for this purpose may not exceed three-inch square in size.  However, if the tattoo/branding is below the elbow area and connot be covered by a three-inch square skin patch, the officer shall wear the long-sleeved uniform shirt or business attire, as appropriate for the assignment. 

The intent is that no tattoo(s)/branding(s) shall be visible and that no more than one three-inch square skin patch shall be visible on each arem.  If a sleeve/bandage is used, it shall not extend below the elbow..

And yet, note Ossifer Ruiz (We're guessing.) in the middle a couple of wks. ago:
Wonder if there's a squealer line at the P.D.?


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Yastreblyansky said...

Hahahahaha. Scofflaws. Bet he cheats on his taxes too.

M. Bouffant said...

No Exceptions Editor:
Just sent an e-mail to his C.O. at the police dog pound w/ the picture & the appropriate reg. quoted.

If my throat is ripped out by a dog in the near future y'all know who to blame.

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