Thursday, May 21, 2015

Family Values

S-E-X party about to start!!
How long until we find out that the disgusting Duggar spawn who was feeling up (or worse, I don't want details) his sisters was taught/shown by his father? Well, at least he isn't a GAY pedophile, right?

Photo from People Magazine:

The Duggars Have (At Least!)
5 Rules for Relationships

Apparently they forgot the incest rule.

Next sack of hypocritical shit who invokes "family values" gets a foot in their genitalia.

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jim said...

Kid-raping: as Biblical as tithing.

To the human detritus who inherit or sign themselves up for the Patriarch gig, it's a feature not a bug.

PLOT TWIST: The state trooper who originally took the complaint - & then opted not to follow up on it - was later V& for kiddy porn! #awkward #oops

(Not posting the usual armchairsubversive link, mainly because it's an ancient dead-link swamp that should probably be about twice as sickeningly epic by now)