Sunday, January 24, 2021

"Look Closely Enough At What's Real, And What Is Not"

Jerkwad of the Day: Sen. Rand Paul, total chump. Wouldn't know "what's real & what is not" if it bit his face off.
Sen. Rand Paul / The Hill:
Boycott sham impeachment  —  Sometimes in Washington, the powers that be will embark in a little bit of political theater.  You can always spot it though if you look closely enough at what's real, and what is not.  —  In the last days of the presidency of Donald Trump …
Little twit's been all over the telly whining about imaginary election fraud. He & Chinese shipping asset McConnell being the Senators from Kain-tuck is an excellent reason to return the state to territorial status.

Next state to examine? Josh Hawley's Missouri.
‘Bamboozled.’ Hawley mentors stunned by conduct, but early warning signs were there  —  Josh Hawley was a precocious 15-year-old in 1995, writing a regular column for his hometown paper, The Lexington News, when he was still in high school.  —  He used the early platform to opine on politics …
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about …

When Trump Enters A Room,
It's Like Five People Leaving

Joshua Zitser / Yahoo News:
Members are quitting Mar-a-Lago because it has become a ‘sad’ and ‘dispirited’ place since Trump moved in, author says  — Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf resort has become a ‘sad place’ since he moved in, an expert on the resort told MSNBC. — Members are quitting and want nothing to do with Trump …

Last Chance ...

... to learn something.


Friday, January 22, 2021

Not This Time

In 47ish yrs. resident in Los Angeles County this reporter, never one to shirk his civic duty or to avoid work, has served on two (civil) juries, & been called to or been on-call several other times w/o getting to stick it to the man or a large corporation. Ordinarily I'd be interested in this.
Can anybody read this?
Are they out of their ever-loving minds? No way in hell w/ the plague raging & me aged & co-morbid.

Had to effing leave the bunker thrice today, & rode four different buses. Enough exposure until spring arrives.

One expedition was for medication that must be taken more or less exactly every 24 hrs., of which I'd taken the last one last night. Could be worse: The 30 day supply (made in Colvale-Bardez, Goa, India)  for which I shelled out US$137.49 last month was only US$27.27 this month w/ Plan D. 

Friday Freak-Out!!

It is again acceptable to have some mindless fun.

Hank Aaron

As I saw it almost 47 yrs. ago, seated on the couch at 8497 Sunset Blvd. 'Cept in monochrome on a 12" screen.As a non-baseball fan saw Hank.
A few days before he tied the old record, I found myself in a bar — a very rare occurrence — where someone whose purchases there were making up for my abstinence and that of about ten other folks. This very loud, very drunk person was holding forth on how Mr. Aaron should "know his place." That term was only uttered about eighty times, which was a few less than the accompanying "N-word." 

Apparently, Aaron's "place" was to not play to the best of his ability…an odd position for the bombed bigot who also announced that he always bet serious money on the Braves. You'd have thought he'd have liked the concept of a Braves batter belting one over the left field fence or wherever he Aaron that one. But no. Only if that Braves batter had been a white guy. It made about as much sense as that kind of hatred ever does. 

I never saw Hank Aaron play and I know very little else about his career other than that it was long and that The Babe's wasn't the only record that got shattered. But merely based on how mad he must have made that guy in the bar when he did beat Ruth's record, I liked Mr. Henry Aaron a lot.

"Read time: 1 minute"

So read it.

Laugh-In Premieres, Queen Victoria & L.B.J. Die, Roe v. Wade Decided, Unabomber Pleads

Thursday, January 21, 2021

WWII Nazis Remain Popular

Proud of yourselves?What next, a "Train to The East" w/ Jews hanging out of the cattle cars?German companies selling WWII models refer to the Wehrmacht as the "former German army".I will admit to owning a cheesy Americanized never-existed version of Ludwig. At least I picked the winning side.
A more normal person's layout. 'Though I'm sure Dr. Freud would have something to say about modeling your own house & then peeping inside. Let alone your sister's house.

Today's Effort

Yesterday's stuff today.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Chinese Pushed Back

Icky Me

ICYMT: Quantity & content even lower than the usual can barely arse myself to breathe, let alone post more inane drivel level 'cause of other free labor.

C'mon people, the indicator there indicates 874 views (if not reads) Mon., 799 Tues. & 711 today. I know there are around 30 "views" for virtually every item here (Up to 100 when the title's especially angry, vulgar, inflammatory, threatening, murderous yada. You sick, sick freaks.) you'd best all be clicking there as well.

"Read 'em 'n weep/Was her adjustable slogan"

How Long Shall The Wicked
Reign Over My People?
Seriously. This Is Getting Ridiculous.

How Long, How Long?

Number of the Day: 2,864,974. (Popular vote differential.)
Fuck the gawd-damned Electoral College too.

Time's Up, Party's Over. You Don't Have To Go Home But You Can't Stay Here.

Iran-Contra Inauguration, "American Carnage" Day, Wannsee Conference, George V Gives Up Ghost

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Local Schadenfreude Action

You'd think they could have spotted this big a phony earlier.
David Robb / Deadline:
SAG-AFTRA Board Finds “Probable Cause” To Expel Donald Trump, Pending Trial, On Charges He Violated Union's Constitution  —  SAG-AFTRA took a major step Tuesday towards kicking Donald Trump out of the union.  Meeting in special session, the national board of directors voted overwhelmingly to find …
Economic anxiety in the heartland. Does this genius trio all eat their flapjacks in the same diner every day?
Richard Winton / Los Angeles Times:


Rob't. E. Lee, E.A. Poe, Janis & Dolly Born, Gandhi Elected

Friday, January 15, 2021

Yr. Of The Plague: Just Starting?

2021 asks you to hold its beer.
Usha Lee McFarling / STAT:
In LA, ambulances circle for hours and ICUs are full.  Is this what Covid-19 has in store for the rest of the country?  —  LOS ANGELES — The situation here is dire.  Every minute, 10 people test positive for Covid-19.  Every eight minutes, someone dies.  Ambulances circle for hours, unable to find ERs that can accept patients.

Remember This Witch? BUSTED!!!

No vandalizing, "but we did break down the, um, Nancy Pelosi's office door..."What is wrong w/ these people? Wouldn't know reality if it knocked on her door & put her in handcuffs.

Friday Freak-Out

What would you do if we let you go home?

Plague News: You're Going To Die.
Soon, & Agonizingly.

Maybe not next wk. soon, but sooner than you expected or wanted.
Joel Achenbach / Washington Post:
CDC warns highly transmissible coronavirus variant to become dominant in U.S.  —  The Washington Post is providing this important information about the coronavirus for free.  For more free coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, sign up for our Coronavirus Updates newsletter where all stories are free to read.
Hope there was plenty of this new strain wafting through the air at the Capitol last wk.

Phony Beatlemania, First Super Bowl, Queen Elizabeth I Crowned

"Patriot" Pigs, Vets Infiltrate Capitol During Loserpalooza 2021

Not sure if "rioters" is the exact word for these deluded insurrectionist fucksticks.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Added fun:

Glendora Man Charged With Participating in U.S. Capitol Violence

Thursday, January 14, 2021

America's Story Book Marriage

Good News From New York City

Fuck you all in the mouth, landlords.
Will Parker / Wall Street Journal:
New York City Renters Owe More Than $1 Billion in Unpaid Rent, Survey Finds
No more blood for you parasites.

New Frontiers In The Constitution

Whoa if true. YouTube did add a disclaimer.
The inauguration on the 20th of this month is illegal. So Joe being inaugurated this month doesn't mean he is legally the president. The new legal inauguration will happen around March and that is the one that Trump will be inaugurated at.
Started to watch but the word "spirituality" was heard, so bugger it.
#godwins #trumpiswinning #trumpwillwin
Just one comment.
You are SO correct about SO much. The Banking Act of 1871 hijacked our original Constitutional Republic, where our blessed but bankrupt nation (post Civil War), was SOLD to England (The Crown), with the Crown’s new HQ located in the new 10x10 square mile “District of Columbia.” After each new birth in America, ALL brand new birth certificates are completed as “birth chattel bonds” and immediately sent to the Vatican where they’re traded like investment bonds, with bond values/prices determined on the actual earnings of the “individual” (franchise) within the Master Corporation (America.) Prior to 1871, our founding document was printed as “The Constitution for the united states of America.” After 1871, the new, altered version read, “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” It was our corporate constitution. It was NOT the same document as you might believe. Capitalization is NOT an insignificant change. Not when one is referring to the context of a legal document, it isn’t. Such minor alterations have had major impacts on each subsequent generation (of owned) people born in our country. Both the Royal Family/Buckingham Palace & fraudulent Corporation of America were dissolved by Team Trump in the summer of 2019, and most major geo-political events occurring around the world since the dissolution of the American Corporation have basically been an elaborate STING OPERATION to analyze, collect evidence, then document crimes and frauds to expose and convict the anti-American, evil people controlling us, our nation and the world. The extent of evil, vile, Godlessness will utterly shock the world and bring us all to our knees. But we will rapidly heal, recover and begin a God underwritten recovery across the world!!
In case you missed it.

How To Win Friends & Influence People At Your New Job

Has the hair color seeped into her brain (which probably wasn't much to start w/) & pickled it?

Note to Republicans: Your votes weren't "ignored". They just weren't enough. Fuck alla you losers.

Limeys Surrender, DiMaggio Marries Monroe, Gov. George Wallace

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Day Before The Riot

There is a tune for everything.
Dems demand details of ‘suspicious’ Capitol visitors day before attack  —  More than 30 House Democrats are demanding information from Capitol security officials about “suspicious” visitors at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 5 — a day before violent insurrectionists swarmed the building …
Let's listen live.Also:
Trump's terrorists after breaking into the capitol offices discussing the floor plan & taking the building.

'Peach Me Two Times, I'm Goin' Away

Rat bastard son-of-a-bitch should've been impeached by 8 January at the latest. Well, what could he do in a wk.?

J'Accuse...!, Happy Warrior Dies, "Well Excuuuse Me!"

At least it's not Friday.

Too Late, Breeder Scum! Your Global Ponzi Scheme Is Coming Due

This righteous reporter has neither reproduced nor owned an internal combustion engine. (Or purchased anything from Amazon.) But you damn dirty apes had to fuck it all up, didn't you?
Scientists from UCLA and elsewhere warn of a “ghastly future” for humanity with declining health, climate devastation, tens of millions of environmental migrants and more pandemics in the coming years unless extraordinary action is taken soon, according to a paper published Tuesday.

“Without fully appreciating and broadcasting the scale of the problems and the enormity of the solutions required, society will fail to achieve even modest sustainability goals, and catastrophe will surely follow,” said one of the paper’s co-authors, Daniel Blumstein, a UCLA professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

“What we are saying is frightening, but we must be both candid and vocal if humanity is to understand the enormity of the challenges we face in creating a sustainable future.”

In the paper published in the journal Frontiers in Conservation Science, the 17 prominent scientists cite more than 150 studies, concluding that it is now “scientifically undeniable” that humanity is “on the path of a sixth major extinction.”

The Earth has experienced five mass extinctions, each accounting for a loss of more than 70% of all species on the planet. The most recent was 66 million years ago.

The paper reports projected temperature increases and other human assaults on the environment mean that about 1 million of the planet’s 7 million to 10 million species are threatened with extinction in the coming decades.

Blumstein said that during the next several decades, an extinction affecting as many as 70% of all species — like the earlier mass extinctions cited in the paper — could potentially take place.

One of the major trends discussed in the paper is the explosive growth of the planet’s human population. There are now 7.8 billion people, more than double the Earth’s population just 50 years ago.

By 2050, the figure is likely to reach 10 billion, the scientists write, which would cause or exacerbate numerous serious problems.

For example, more than 700 million people are starving and more than 1 billion are malnourished already; both figures are likely to increase as the population grows.

Population growth also greatly increases the risk for pandemics, the authors write, because most new infectious diseases result from human-animal interactions, humans live closer to wild animals than ever before and wildlife trade is continuing to increase significantly.

Population growth also contributes to rising unemployment and, when combined with a hotter Earth, leads to more frequent and intense flooding and fires, poorer water and air quality, and worsening human health.

The authors write that there is a “near certainty that these problems will worsen over the coming decades, with negative impacts for centuries to come” and that the adverse global trends are obvious.

“Humanity is running an ecological Ponzi scheme in which society robs nature and future generations to pay for short-term economic enhancement today,” said Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford University professor emeritus of population studies and a co-author of the study.

The paper elucidates issues that have been publicized over the past few years by many activists, including the Swedish 18-year-old, Greta Thunberg, Time magazine’s 2019 person of the year. Blumstein said Thunberg has been absolutely right about the urgency of the dangers we face.

The authors also write the severity of the threats should transcend political tribalism, but so far they haven’t — and they’re skeptical about when or if change can occur.

Most of the world’s economies are predicated on the political idea that meaningful counteraction now is too costly to be politically palatable,” according to the paper.

“Combined with financed disinformation campaigns in a bid to protect short-term profits, it is doubtful that any needed shift in economic investments of sufficient scale will be made in time,” the paper contends.

“While it is positive news that President-elect Biden intends to reengage the U.S. in the Paris Climate accord within his first 100 days of office, it is a minuscule gesture given the scale of the challenge,” according to Ehrlich.

The paper suggests concrete changes that could help avert catastrophe. Among them: completely and rapidly ending the use of fossil fuels, strictly regulating markets and property acquisition, reigning in corporate lobbying and empowering women.

But it also acknowledges that humans’ innate “optimism bias” has led some to ignore the warnings about our planet’s future.

“By the time we fully comprehend the impact of ecological deterioration, it will be too late,” Blumstein said.

Whatevs. I'm outta here for good in 20 yrs.🤞; for the unfortunates who survive me, après moi le déluge, suckers!!
Original available here, at least for a while. Abstraction stolen here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


“As of 5 January 2021, FBI Norfolk received information indicating calls for violence in response to ‘unlawful lockdowns’ to begin on 6 January 2021 in Washington, D.C.,” the report outlines. “An online thread discussed specific calls for violence to include stating, ‘Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from their BLM and Antifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal.’”
[Yahoo!/Business Insider]

Schadenfreude: E-Z Pickins For The Plague

Crowd of crackers to turn blue & die.

Soviets Begin Offensive Against Nazis, Real Batman Begins

Monday, January 11, 2021

Beginning Of The End: Designated Hitter Introduced, Put Your Butt Out

Must admit, we purists were worried the D.H. would stay in the N.L. after the Plague Season.

Friday, January 8, 2021

I Want Every One Of These Nazi Assholes Strung Up!!

Illinois Nazi:
Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times:
Illinois GOP Rep. Mary Miller apologizes for her remarks praising Hitler at pro-Trump rally  —  Miller: “I sincerely apologize for any harm my words caused and regret using a reference to one of the most evil dictators in history to illustrate the dangers that outside influences can have on our youth.”

Elvis Born, War On Poverty, Other Pointless Bullshit, Who Cares?

Thursday, January 7, 2021

"Remove" Hell; Shoot Him In The Street Like A Rabid Seditionist Dog

Can't add anything to that. Just have to sit here & wait to see if the fucking Secret Service Nazis are still working. Come & get me, you fascist enablers, I fucking dare you.

First U.S. Presidential Election, Clinton Goes On Trial

Bastard Hirohito should have had his neck stretched like the rest of 'em forty yrs. earlier.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Can We Make It Another Two Wks.?

Not that anything will improve just 'cause Biden will be sitting around in the Executive Mansion.
Maybe the question is "Can Lumpy make it two more wks.
w/o completely losing
what little remains upstairs?"

Today In Washington

Not for the sensitive: Murder in The Capitol.
Other scenes of today's American Carnage here, in case, like this reporter, you were resting.

Wicked Can't Run Away

Let's hope not anyway.

The Whole World Is Laughing Watching

The People Speak

Anarchy In The U.S.A.

Had a feeling I should have gotten out of bed earlier to wallow in delicious schadenfreude; must admit I didn't think they'd go this far. And how did they get so far? Every police force involved must be thoroughly investigated & purged accordingly.And why are these fucking fascists still roaming the halls of Congress while a Congresswoman in hiding in the Capitol Building (Think about that for a sec.) is calling MSNBC on the 'phone, fear in her voice? If the Capitol isn't cleared & these seditionist bastards aren't all taken into custody Gawd only knows what will happen Inauguration Day. 

Proud Boys or Rude Boys?It's too late to quit, pass the dynamite, 'cause the fuse is lit.

Mob Slob Rule

Jeanne D'Arc Est Neé, Morse Demonstrates Telegraph, Double Dose O' Death For Diz & Rudi

Unembellished Brush W/ Greatness: Saw Nureyev leaving a hotel in Vancouver sometime in the mid/late 1960s.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Apparently can't get the trains to run. (I know the feeling.)Running. Only worth a million U.S.I scratch-built most of this too.

Local Outlook Bleak

Guessing this doesn't include any spike from New Yr.'s Eve in-person boogieing down, or the new & improved more contagious strain of the plague.
As an agoraphobe ("There are humanoids out there, & they're selling shit to each other!!!") it's already tough for this reporter to leave the bunker; this is no help whatsoever. Which would be worse, starving to death or dying in sedated intubated agony? Sedation is probably preferable.

"Dog Breath, In The Second Year Of The Plague"
P.S.: These United Snakes have now reported more coronavirus deaths (355,000 & rising) than the number two & three nations in mortality (Brazil, India) combined. Great fucking job, Trump Maladministration. I hope a recovered victim or survivor of a victim kills Trump in a righteous act of revenge, & soon.

Note to self: An image, text & a musical selection? Xmas is long gone; stop spoiling the readers.

First Female Gov., So Long To Sonny Bono, Pete Rose 'Fesses Up, First Load Of B.S. Dropped

The day the music died.

Monday, January 4, 2021

So, Four Yrs. Ago, It Was 50 Yrs. Ago

Eliot Enters Last Wasteland

Actual New Yr.?

Mon. after a three-day holiday wknd.; now the new yr. starts. If you have a job & aren't working from home. (If you are working from home you're a paperpixel & electron-shuffling middle-management parasite whose so-called job should be made completely redundant.) 

Unless one assumes nothing can begin before election certification Weds. the 6th or the freaking inauguration itself, still apparently an eternity or two away.