Wednesday, October 21, 2020

"Hands Off Korea"

SUMMARY: Session of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR in Moscow: CU, various delegates. Audience rises when Molotov and other notables arrive. Fadyiev, Secretary of the Treasury, makes a statement on the budget and claims they are all advancing under the guidance of the great Stalin. Hands Off Korea: At a great meeting in a factory, the workers are urged to follow Stalin, the leader of peace. A woman and a war veteran speak. There is another meeting outside a factory in Moscow. "For peace - against the warmongers". Thousands sign a petition against the atom bomb. An old woman speaks about how they are working to build up a new life. On a farm in Byelorussia, a woman reads a newspaper to a group of farmers. "They want to destroy our peaceful life". More sign their names. Minsk Rebuilt: Views of the city follow, showing new buildings and others under construction. Women and young boys lay bricks. Streets are sprinkled. On the Fields of Crimea: A combine run by a young man. Familiar scenes of harvesting are photographed with women working and great activity. Theater of Yaroslavl has 200th Anniversary: Views of the old theater, photographs of early actors, an exhibition of old posters, and a recording of a play with the actors later given Stalin's order. Partisans of Peace are Growing: In China there is an enormous rally in a stadium. Pictures of Mao abound. The people are asked to sign petitions against the atom bomb to send to Stockholm. CUs of people signing.

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