Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Road To Potsdam

SAT 7 JUL 1945
President Truman, Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, and Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy embark in heavy cruiser Augusta (CA-31) for Antwerp, Belgium, on the first leg of their trip that will ultimately take them to Potsdam.

Submarine Trepang (SS-412) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship No.2 Koun Maru, 42°21'N, 141°28'E.

Mines sink Japanese merchant cargo ships Meizan Maru at mouth of Mokpo harbor, and Nachizan Maru in Kammon Strait, and damage merchant tanker No.10 Kinyu Maru, Osaka harbor, and cargo ships Tairi Maru off Hime Jima, and Taiju Maru and No.5 Tokai Maru (location unspecified).

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