Friday, July 10, 2020

"Lionfish claims two hits and to have sunk her quarry ... ''

TUE 10 JUL 1945
Aircraft from TF 38, the fast carrier task force (Vice Admiral John S. McCain) attack airfields on the Tokyo plain, Japan.

Submarine chaser SC-521 founders and sinks, Solomon Islands, 11°03'S, 164°50'E.

Tank landing ship LST-1107 is damaged by grounding off Okinawa, 26°21'N, 126°47'E.

Submarine Hammerhead (SS-364) sinks Japanese cargo ship Sakura Maru and merchant tanker No.5 Nanmei Maru 09°38'N, 101°31'E.

Submarine Lionfish (SS-298) attacks Japanese submarine I 162 144 kilometers south of Ashisurisaki, 32°31'N, 131°54'E. Although Lionfish claims two hits and to have sunk her quarry, I 162 escapes undamaged.

Submarine Moray (SS-300) sinks Japanese merchant whaler No.6 Fumi Maru east of Kinkazan, 38°11'N, 142°15'E.

Submarine Runner (SS-476) sinks Japanese minesweeper W.27 off Tadosaki, northern Honshu, 39°20'N, 142°07'E.

Submarine Sea Robin (SS-407) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Sakishima Maru north of Quelpart Island 33°39'N, 126°40'E.

Japanese guardboat No.3 Kashima Maru and merchant cargo ship No.10 Hachiryu Maru are sunk by U.S. aircraft 40 miles north of the mouth of the Yangtze.

Mine laid by USAAF B-29 (20th Air Force) sinks Japanese cargo ship Nippu Maru outside Wakamatsu harbor, 33°06'N, 129°43'E; merchant cargo ship Chikuma Maru is sunk by mine, 18 kilometers off Mojizaki; merchant vessel Tsukuba Maru is damaged 4.5 miles west of Osaka harbor.

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