Monday, June 1, 2020

Junior Anti-S-E-X League

Will there always be an England?
Ross McGuinness / Yahoo News:
Coronavirus: Sex during lockdown with someone outside your household is illegal from today  —  Having sex in your own home with someone from a different household is illegal from today, after the government altered its coronavirus legislation.  —  At 11.30am on Monday …
Alex Parker / Redstate:   To Fight COVID-19, UK Bans Multi-Household Trysts
Lila Randall /   Sex in your house with a person from another household illegal from today
Lucy Middleton /   The fuzz can't force you to stop having sex under new coronavirus rules
Victoria Friedman / Breitbart:   Having Sex With Someone You Don't Already Live With Now Illegal In Britain Under Coronavirus Laws
Maybe not.

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