Thursday, June 4, 2020

Black Sea Action

MON 4 JUN 1945
U.S. freighter Colin P. Kelly, Jr., bound for Antwerp, Belgium, in convoy TAM 89, is damaged by mine off the Downs, 51°22'48"N, 02°35'E; there are no fatalities among the ship's complement (which includes a 37-man Armed Guard), but the ship is later written off as a total loss.

Black Sea
U.S. freighter New Bern Victory, en route to Constanta, Rumania, is damaged by mine six miles off Odessa, USSR; there are no casualties to the ship's complement and the ship is later repaired and returns to active service.

District patrol vessel YP-41 is damaged by operational casualty off Okinawa, 26°18'N, 127°52'E.

Submarine Billfish (SS-286) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Taiu Maru off Chinnampo, Korea, 38°32'N, 124°45'E.

Submarine Tench (SS-417) sinks Japanese transport Ryujin Maru off Hachinohe, 40°54'N, 141°29'E.

USAAF B-24s (13th Air Force) sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 112 and motor torpedo boat Gyoraitei No. 162 and damage auxiliary submarine chaser Kenkai Maru in Java Sea off Laut Island 05°00'S, 116°04'E.

Mines sink Japanese weather observation ship Hijun Maru 5.5 miles off Hesaki, 33°54'N, 131°06'E, and cargo ships Aichi Maru (location unspecified), Hinode Maru off Moji City; No.2 Shiwa Maru off Taishu Light; unidentified tugboat off south end of Motoyamazaki; merchant cargo ships Kifune Maru off Niigata and No.5 Yamabishi Maru at 33°44'N, 131°06'E; and damage transport Tsukushi Maru at 33°50'N, 131°19'E, and merchant cargo ship Sawa Maru two kilometers off Mutsure, 33°54'N, 130°54'E, and Chikushi Maru off Motoyama Bay.

Japanese tanker Hasu Maru is damaged by mine in Berhala Straits, between Sumatra and Lingga anchorage.

Japanese merchant cargo ship No.5 Miyakawa Maru is sunk by marine casualty off Hirato Jima.

USAAF planes sink Japanese merchant cargo ship Shobu Maru at 34°20'N, 124°30'E.

Japanese cargo ship Banshu Maru is damaged by aircraft, 34°27'N, 129°35'E.

Japanese merchant cargo ship No.1 Taikai Maru is damaged by aircraft, 31°18'N, 129°24'E.

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