Tuesday, February 25, 2020

HMS Trenchant Attacks

SUN 25 FEB 1945
Aircraft from fast carrier task force (Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher) bomb aircraft factories and airfields near Tokyo, Japan.

Destroyer Harrison (DD-573) is damaged by storm south of Honshu, 33°00'N, 141°00'E.

Off Iwo Jima, collisions account for damage to tank landing ship LST-121 (accidentally rammed by medium landing ship LSM-140), 24°46'N, 141°19'E; tank landing ship LST-928 (successive collisions with tank landing ships LST-764 and LST-713 and attack transport Fayette (APA-43)), 24°46'N, 141°19'E; submarine chaser PC-578 (with medium landing ship LSM-207), 24°46'N, 141°19'E; and attack transport President Adams (APA-19) (with tank landing ship LST-370), 24'46'N, 141°19'E. Friendly fire damages seaplane tender Hamlin (AV-15), 24°46'N, 141°19'E; Japanese shore battery damages infantry landing craft LCI-760.

Motor minesweeper YMS-275 is damaged by mine off the Carolines, 07°20'N, 134°35'E.

Destroyers Hazelwood (DD-531) and Murray (DD-576) sink Japanese guardboats No.1 Fuji Maru and Koki Maru, 31°06'N, 141°00'E, and guardboat No.5 Seiun Maru off Tori Jima, 31°00'N, 141°00'E.

Submarine Flasher (SS-531) sinks Japanese cargo vessel Koho Maru near Hainan, 20°01'N, 111°19'E; USAAF B-24 attacks escorting submarine chaser Ch 21 while she is rescuing Koho Maru's survivors, but does not damage her.

Submarine Hoe (SS-258) attacks Japanese convoy and sinks escort vessel Shonan south of Hainan Island 17°05'N, 110°05'E.

Submarine Piper (SS-409) sinks Japanese guardboat No.3 Hosen Maru and sinks merchant cargo ship Koho Maru, 20°04'N, 111°22'E.

British submarine HMS Trenchant attacks Japanese convoy in South Malacca Strait, sinking cargo vessel No.9 Akiyama Maru, 03°07'N, 99°56'E; Japanese army aircraft bomb Trenchant but she escapes unharmed.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Kazusa Maru is sunk by aircraft off Miyake Jima; Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Wa 14 is damaged.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 208 is damaged by aircraft, location unspecified.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser No.5 Miyatake Maru is damaged by aircraft, off Shirahama.

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