Saturday, February 15, 2020

Back To Bataan!

THU 15 FEB 1945
TG 78.3 (Rear Admiral Arthur D. Struble) lands army forces (151st Infantry RCT and 3d Battalion, 34th RCT) in the Mariveles Harbor area of Bataan Peninsula, Luzon; the troops encounter only light opposition and quickly secure the town and the nearby airfield. Medium landing ship LSM-169 is damaged by mine off Mariveles; motor minesweeper YMS-46 is damaged by shore battery, 14°23'N, 120°36'E.

TF 58 planes sink Japanese guardboats No.3 Choyo Maru and No.2 Santoku Maru off southern Japan, 30°00'N, 141°00'E, and 30°00'N, 143°00'E, respectively.

Aircraft damage Japanese fast transport T.16 off Iwo Jima.

Japanese auxiliary minesweeper No.3 Taihei Maru is damaged by aircraft off Yonaguni Island.

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