Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Local Karmic Submarine Action

MON 13 NOV 1944
Aircraft from three carrier task groups (TG 38.1, TG 38.3, and TG 38.4) of TF 38 (Rear Admiral Frederick C. Sherman, in the temporary absence of Vice Admiral John S. McCain) pound Japanese shipping and port facilities at Manila and in central Luzon. At the former place, TF 38 planes sink light cruiser Kiso, destroyers Hatsuharu and Okinami, and auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 116 14°35'N, 120°50'E; and army cargo ships Eiwa Maru, Kinka Maru, Kakogawa Maru, Sekiho Maru, and Teiyu Maru, as well as merchant cargo ships Taitoku Maru, Hatsu Maru, Seiwa Maru and Shinkoku Maru, 14°35'N, 120°55'E, and damage destroyer Ushio. At Cavite, Navy carrier planes sink destroyers Akebono and Akishimo, fleet tanker Ondo, and guardboat Daito Maru, 14°29'N, 120°55'E. TF 38 planes also sink army cargo ship Heian Maru at Cabcaben, and auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 116 some 20 nautical miles west of Cavite, 14°30'N, 120°45'E.

Minesweeper Ardent (AM-340) and frigate Rockford (PF-48) sink Japanese submarine I-12 (that had sunk freighter John A. Johnson on 29 October 1944) 100 miles west-southwest of Los Angeles, California, 31°55'N, 139°45'W.

Submarine Seal (SS-183) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Gassan Maru north-northwest of Etorofu, Kurils, 45°35'N, 148°14'E.

Japanese submarine I-53 is damaged, cause unspecified, off Marcus Island.

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