Tuesday, September 10, 2019

U.S.N. Opens Paris Branch

SUN 10 SEP 1944
TF 38 air strikes against Japanese shipping, facilities and airfields on Mindanao continue. During these operations, TF 38 planes sink Japanese merchant cargo ship No.7 Unyo Maru off Mindanao.

Submarine Sunfish (SS-281) sinks Japanese merchant tanker Chihaya Maru east of Quelpart Island, 33°47'N, 127°37'E.

Other Japanese casualties include army tanker Bukun Maru sunk by mine (laid by British submarine HMS Porpoise on 8 July 1944) in Strait of Malacca, 03°54'N, 98°42'E; and merchant tanker No.2 Hoei Maru sunk by mine off Woosung, China.

Command designated Naval Forces France (Vice Admiral Alan G. Kirk) is established with headquarters at Paris, France.

U.S. motor torpedo boat PT-206 on right flank of southern France beachhead gives chase to German explosive boat unit consisting of a control boat and two drones; one of the latter is destroyed.

Minesweeper Seer (AM-112) is damaged by mine while sweeping Grande Passe to Rade d'Hyeres, 42°59'N, 06°20'E; fleet tug Hopi (ATF-71) tows the damaged ship to Toulon for repairs.

While patrolling between Noli and Genoa, Italy, PT-559 and British motor torpedo boats attack southbound convoy, sinking one F-lighter and an ammunition barge. Escorting German patrol craft break off action.

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