Tuesday, September 17, 2019

81st I.D. Invades Anguar

SUN 17 SEP 1944
TG 32.1 (Rear Admiral William H. P. Blandy) lands Army 81st Infantry (less 323d Infantry and reinforced by miscellaneous units) on Angaur, Palaus, supported by carrier-based aircraft and naval gunfire. Airfield facilities on Angaur will be used to support operations against the Philippines.
Submarine Barb (SS-220) sinks Japanese escort carrier Un'yo and tanker Asuza Maru, 220 nautical miles southeast of Hong Kong, 19°08'N, 116°36'E. Barb and Queenfish (SS-393) pick up an additional 32 British and Australian POWs, survivors of the sunken Rakuyo Maru (see 12 and 15 September).

Motor torpedo boat PT-371 is damaged by grounding, N.E.I., 02°05'N, 127°51'E.

USAAF P-40s sink Japanese fishing vessel Hoyo Maru and damage No.5 Kyoei Maru off eastern Ceram.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Shinai Maru is sunk by mine off east coast of Celebes.

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