Tuesday, July 16, 2019

"... sunk by explosion ..."

SUN 16 JUL 1944
Infantry landing craft (gunboat) LCI(G)-469 is damaged by shore battery off Guam, as she supports ongoing UDT operations.

Destroyer Longshaw (DD-559) is damaged when she runs aground on submerged reef, Eniwetok.

TG 17.16 (Captain William V. O'Regan) attacks Japanese convoys off northern Luzon; Piranha (SS-389) sinks army transport Seattle Maru, 19°17'N, 120°15'E, Guardfish (SS-217) (flagship for TG 17.16) sinks transport Mantai Maru and army cargo ship Jinzan Maru off Cape Bojeador, 19°21'N, 119°43'E; Thresher (SS-200) sinks army cargo ship Shozen Maru, 18°23'N, 119°06'E, and damages merchant cargo ships Sainei Maru and Nissan Maru, 18°23'N, 119°32'E.

Submarine Bonefish (SS-223) sinks Borneo-bound Japanese cargo vessel No.3 Tatsu Maru in Sulu Sea 10 nautical miles south of Palawan, 10°20'N, 119°50'E.

Submarine Cabrilla (SS-288) attacks Japanese convoy off the west coast of Mindanao, but is not successful against transport Natsukawa Maru, 08°18'N, 122°49'E; counterattacks by what is most likely submarine chaser Ch 31 and auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 64 (see 17 July 1944) prove equally unproductive.

Submarine Skate (SS-305) sinks Japanese transport Nipp_ Maru, east of South Sakhalin, Kurils, 48°29'N, 147°36'E. Survivors are rescued by Russian ship Dalstroi.

RAAF Beaufighters damage Japanese gunboat Man-Yo Maru, cargo vessel Tensho Maru, and motor sailboat No.14 Sakura Maru off Maumere.

Japanese cargo ship Hozan Maru is sunk by explosion in Manila harbor, 14°36'N, 120°57'E.

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