Thursday, July 11, 2019

Seven Come 11

TUE 11 JUL 1944
Submarine attack group TG 17.16 (Captain William V. O'Regan), as it patrols the South China Sea near Formosa, locates the first of five convoys it will engage in the next two weeks; Thresher (SS-200) makes the initial contact with a seven-ship Japanese convoy bound from Keelung to the Philippines (see 12 July 1944).

Submarine Sealion (SS-315), in the Yellow Sea off the west coast of Korea, near Shosei Jima, sinks Japanese merchant cargo ships No.2 Taiun Maru 37°30'N, 124°34'E, and No.2 Tsukushi Maru, 37°24'N, 124°31'E.

U.S. motor torpedo boats sink small Japanese cargo vessel Yawata Maru off Babo.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Senyo Maru is sunk by aircraft, Yangtze River, China.

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