Friday, July 26, 2019

F.D.R. Arrives In Hawai'i

WED 26 JUL 1944
Heavy cruiser Baltimore (CA-68), with President Roosevelt embarked, arrives at Pearl Harbor, T.H.; the President will meet with Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Leahy, and General MacArthur to discuss Pacific strategy.

TF 58 strikes against Japanese installations and shipping in western Carolines continue; planes from carrier Bunker Hill (CV-17) damage landing ship T.150 (see 27 July 1944); planes from Lexington (CV-16) damage minelayer Sokuten, which is then finished off by planes from Bunker Hill at 07°20'N, 134°27'E.

U.S. submarines carry out succession of attacks on Japanese convoy in South China Sea. Angler (SS-240) damages transport (ex-seaplane carrier) Kiyokawa Maru, 18°15'N, 118°00'E; Flasher (SS-249) sinks merchant tanker Otoriyama Maru, 17°56'N, 118°07'E, and teams with Crevalle (SS-291) to sink army cargo ship Tosan Maru, 18°24'N, 118°02'E; Crevalle sinks transport Aki Maru, 18°26'N, 118°02'E.

Submarine Robalo (SS-273) is sunk by mine off western Palawan, Balabac Strait, P.I., 08°25'N, 117°53'E.19.*

Submarine Sawfish (SS-276) sinks Japanese submarine I-29 in Balintang Channel, Luzon Strait, 20°10'N, 121°55'E.

*Among those lost with Robalo is her commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Manning M. Kimmel, one of the sons of Rear Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, who had been Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet on 7 December 1941.

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