Saturday, April 27, 2019

Yubari Sunk

THU 27 APR 1944
Cargo ship Etamin (AK-93) is damaged by aerial torpedo off Aitape, New Guinea, 03°09'S, 142°24'E.

Japanese TAKE No. 1 convoy reaches Manila.

Submarine Bluegill (SS-242) sinks Japanese light cruiser Yūbari west of the Sonsorol Islands, 05°20'N, 132°16'E.

Submarine Halibut (SS-232) attacks Japanese convoy and sinks minelayer Kamome west of the Nansei Shoto chain, about 40 miles north of Okinawa, 27°28'N, 128°02'E, and merchant transport Genbu Maru, 27°16'N, 128°21'E.

Submarine Seadragon (SS-194) damages Japanese merchant cargo ship Hawaii Maru off Shikoku, 33°16'N, 135°48'E.

Submarine Seahorse (SS-304) attacks Japanese convoy and sinks transport Akikawa Maru about 150 miles west of Saipan, 14°46'N, 143°22'E, and evades depth-charging by escorts.

Submarine Trigger (SS-237) attacks Japanese convoy about 90 miles north of Palau, and sinks transport M_ke [sic] Maru, 08°34'N, 134°53'E, and damages escort vessel Kasado and army cargo ship Asosan Maru, 08°32'N, 134°42'E.

Japanese submarine I-37 is damaged by mine laid by British submarine HMS Taurus on 18 April, south of Penang, Malaya.

USAAF B-24s damage Japanese cargo vessel Anshu Maru off Biak.

Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Hadayoshi Maru is damaged by mine off Balikpapan.
In other naval news of 75 yrs. ago, the untold story of the fire aboard the U.S.S. Saturn (AF-40).

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