Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sneaky Spying Sub Stuff

SUN 2 APR 1944
Submarine Greenling (SS-213) begins reconnoitering the Marianas, taking photographs, obtaining tidal data, and making soundings. She will be engaged in that work until 29 April 1944. Simultaneously, submarine Salmon (SS-182) will reconnoiter the western Carolines, spending about a week at three successive places: Ulithi, Yap, and Woleai.

Submarine Hake (SS-256) damages Japanese tanker Tarakan Maru in South China Sea, 01°58'N, 106°20'E.

TU 57.10.9, composed of destroyer escort Sanders (DE-40), tank landing ship LST-127 and infantry landing craft LCI-346 and LCI-449 occupies Mejit Island, Marshalls. The small Japanese force that opposes the occupation is wiped out by gunfire support provided by the LCIs. [One day you land unopposed, the next you have to commit wholesale slaughter. — M.B.]

USAAF B-24s and B-25s bomb Truk, sinking small Japanese vessel No.3 Akebono Maru.

Submarine chaser PC-621 is damaged by aerial mine, and harbor tug YT-207 is damaged by near-miss from shore battery off Anzio.

Indian Ocean
British freighter Samcalia rescues 25 survivors of U.S. freighter Richard Hovey that had been torpedoed, shelled, and sunk by Japanese submarine I-26 on 29 March (see 14 April).

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