Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nazis At Bay

MON 10 APR 1944
Small seaplane tender Chincoteague (AVP-24) is damaged by grounding near entrance to Funafuti channel.

Aircraft (VC 58) from escort carrier Guadalcanal (CVE- 60) sink German submarine U-68 off Madeira Island, 33°25'N, 18°59'W.

Convoy UGS 37 transits Straits of Gibraltar (60 merchantmen and six tank landing ships), escorted by TF 65 (Commander William R. Headden): four destroyers, eight destroyer escorts and British antiaircraft cruiser HMS Delhi and frigate HMS Nadder, in addition to radar jamming ships, destroyer Lansdale (DD-462) and British corvette HMS Jonquil (see 11 April). Escorts keep German submarines U-421, U-471 and U-969 at bay.

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