Wednesday, April 17, 2019


MON 17 APR 1944
Submarines Barb (SS-220) and Steelhead (SS-280) shell phosphate works on Rasa Island.

Submarine Harder (SS-257), in attack on Japanese convoy, sinks army cargo ship Matsue Maru about 150 miles northwest of Woleai, Carolines, 09°30'N, 142°35'E.

Submarine Searaven (SS-196) sinks Japanese auxiliary minesweeper No.2 Noshiro Maru 120 miles south of Haha Jima, Bonins, 26°01'N, 142°14'E.

USAAF planes sink Japanese army vessel No.2 Mikage Maru off Aitape, New Guinea, 02°41'S, 141°18'E.

Minesweeper Swift (AM-122) and submarine chaser PC-619 sink German submarine U-986, North Atlantic, 50°09'N, 12°51'W.

U.S. freighters James Guthrie and Alexander Graham Bell, in convoy NV 33, are damaged by Allied mines off Isle of Capri, James Guthrie at 40°34'10"N, 14°16'50"E, and Alexander Graham Bell at 40°34'150"N, 14°17'20"E. James Guthrie is abandoned and taken in tow by salvage vessel Weight (ARS-35). Towed to Naples, James Guthrie is subsequently written off as a total loss. There are no casualties among either the merchant complement or the 28-man Armed Guard. Alexander Graham Bell returns to Naples under her own power and is repaired and returned to service. There are no casualties among the 42-man Armed Guard and only two injured from the merchant crew.

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