Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Can It Happen Here?

Drain the swamp!! W/ bullets!

Associated Press:
Ex-Peru president kills himself as police try to arrest him  —  LIMA, Peru (AP) — Former Peruvian President Alan García shot himself in the head and died Wednesday moments after police arrived at his home to arrest him on corruption allegations in Latin America's largest graft probe.
Marco Aquino / Reuters:
Peru ex-president Garcia shoots himself as police try to arrest him
Bob Fredericks / New York Post:   Former Peru President Alan García dead after shooting himself moments before arrest
Joshua Gill / Daily Caller News Foundation:   Peru's Ex-President Shoots Himself In The Head When Cops Knock On His Door With A Warrant


FelineMama said...

No it CAN'T!! Why he asks? Because our Narcissist in Chief is TOO vain. He is NEVER wrong. He's a Stable Genius, doncha know. Good genes. Bone Spurs is such a coward, he couldn't even put a gun in his hand.Blah Blah Blah BLECHT!! I could go on, but, I have to feed my cat.

M. Bouffant said...

Fingers Crossed Ed.:
You're quite right. He wouldn't have the self-awareness to know the right thing to do.

But there's still hope he'll be arrested the instant he steps out the White House door in Jan. 2021.