Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Obvious Missed By Eastern Elitist On Cletus Safari To Whitest Iowa

 Julie Zauzmer / Washington Post:
In the wake of the Pittsburgh attack, Rep. Steve King's Iowa supporters brush aside concern about his white nationalist views  —  REMSEN, Iowa — As the polka band played and the volunteers started serving the bratwurst, word slowly rippled through the annual Oktoberfest in this remote Iowa farm town …
To this disinterested observer the facts in the first sentence alone should have indicated this expedition to nowhere was irrelevant & idiotic.

Let's review: Remote Iowa farm town celebrating Oktoberfest w/ polka & bratwurst, & the typist is surprised that white nationalism isn't their number one worry? Farm subsidies Cracker welfare from the Trump-Occupied Dep't. of Agriculture is probably foremost in their minds.

By the way, what'll you bet that most of the ancestors of these fly-over fools emigrated here in the 19th century? Yet still w/ the Oktoberfest & the polka? This is America, not Bavaria! Will these fucking people ever assimilate?

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bobsboats said...

As an ex-Iowan, this is part of why there are so many ex-Iowans. One of my grandfathers was truly an anchor baby (great Grandma was pregnant before she got on the boat)from the shithole country of Norway- which it was at the time. Also too, was Germany a shithole country when the Trumps escaped, as it was for much of the 19th and 20th centuries. Part of the racism developed from immigrants proving how "American" they were by joining in white bigotry. That is how you wind up, like me, with Iowan ancestors who were abolitionists, part of the underground railroad, Union soldiers, and others, officers in the local Ku Klux Klan. Steve King proves that you could re-animate Hitler, and as long as he is the Republican nominee, he will continue to be re-elected.