Friday, February 9, 2018

Over For Organized Resistance

TUE 9 FEB 1943
Organized Japanese resistance on Guadalcanal ends, thus concluding the bitter 6-month struggle to capture Guadalcanal and other islands in the southern Solomons. The campaign proves extremely costly in men, ships, and materiel for both sides.

Submarine Tarpon (SS-175) sinks Japanese transport Tatsuta Maru 42 miles east of Mikura Jima, 33°45'N, 140°25'E.

Japanese submarine I-21 sights U.S. freighter Starr King one day out of Sydney, Australia, and begins pursuit of the freighter (see 10 and 11 February).

Destroyer Boyle (DD-600) rescues 54 survivors of U.S. freighter Pan Royal, which sinks at 36°40'N, 67°20'W, after being accidentally rammed by motor vessel Evita and freighter George Davis, while proceeding in convoy UGS 5. Eight merchant sailors are lost in the mishap; there are no casualties to the 26-man Armed Guard.

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