Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Details ...

 Taylor Lorenz / The Daily Beast:
Florida School Shooting Suspect Nick Cruz Was ‘Creepy and Weird,’ Survivor Says
I am hard-pressed to determine what unknown "details" could make "pushing gun control" wrong or premature, but it's really the old "there's been a tragedy, it's too soon to discuss or 'politicize' it, blah blah blah" that we hear from the gun goobers after every Second Amendment spree.

Also: Stop hating the "creepy & weird", jerks. Not completely sure what all that means, but I think I am one.

(Psychological insight to self: The only reason I haven't shot up every place where I had to be but didn't want to be must be that I couldn't possibly have cared less about being accepted by the other prisoners in all those hellholes. And the only real inspiration in my salad days was the yeoman work of Charles Whitman. [By the time of Charles Manson & the finale of If ... I'd dropped out of school & was mostly where I wanted to be. Didn't even hear about Charlie Starkweather until the '70s.] A little much for a teenage monster to take on, even one w/ the same [legal] first name as those three American icons.)

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JWL said...

I can one up that brag. I'd never heard of Ted Bundy until he'd already bid the world the big adios. I think I lost the plot around the time Juan Corona planted his orchard of itinerants. Although I still chuckle at the photo of Roslyn Carter, smiling as wide as the clown standing beside named John Wayne Gacy, which was around the same time. But most all subsequent slaughters tend to blend in memory. It's a fact that Americans like us, able to recall Whitman as an perceived anomaly, also remember the Ozzie & Harriet Show and My Mother The Car, i.e., before the Beatles, Ho Chi Minh, and Richard Nixon mind-fucked an entire generation into choosing sides... number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9.....