Friday, January 12, 2018

Poor Seamanship Sinks Ships

TUE 12 JAN 1943
TF 8 (Rear Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid) covers unopposed landing of Army troops (Brigadier General Lloyd E. Jones) to occupy Amchitka, Aleutians. Destroyer Worden (DD-352) is lost when she sinks after running aground south of Kirilof Point, at entrance to Constantine Harbor.

Motor torpedo boat PT-28 is damaged by grounding during storm, Dora Harbor, Unimak Island, Aleutians.

Submarine Guardfish (SS-217) sinks Patrol Boat No.1 about 10 miles southwest of the Tingwon Islands, located just southwest of the northern tip of New Hanover, Bismarck Archipelago, 02°51'S, 149°43'E.

New Zealand corvette scuttles hulk of motor torpedo boat PT-43 off Guadalcanal.

District patrol vessel YP-183 sinks after running aground off west coast of Hawaii, T.H.

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