Thursday, January 11, 2018

Not Paying Attention

Kevin "Fuck the Homeless" Drum notes Trump's complete interest in & attention to what he's told.
Donald Trump gave a long interview to the Wall Street Journal today. An hour in, an aide reminded him he had another meeting coming up:
White House official: Excuse me, I just—we have about two or three minutes left and you’ve got to go to a meeting.
Mr. Trump: Oh I do?
Five minutes later:
Unknown: Yeah, let’s finish on that and then you really do have to go, you’ve got a Roosevelt Room full of people waiting for you. So go ahead.
Mr. Trump: I do?
Unknown: Yes, you do.
Sharp as a tack, our president.
Very fortunate that nothing requiring serious executive/Commander-in-Chief action/decisions has happened. Yet.

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