Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hell Of A Harbor There, Amchitka

WED 13 JAN 1943
Transport Arthur Middleton (AP 55) is damaged when she runs aground at western end of Constantine Harbor, Amchitka, Aleutians.

Submarine Triton (SS-201) damages Japanese oiler Maru [sic] north of the St. Matthias Island group, 00°26'S, 148°40'E.

Submarine Whale (SS-239) sinks Japanese collier Iwashiro Maru about 40 miles north of Kwajalein, 09°54'N, 167°07'E.

PBY-5As (VP 83) sink German submarine U-507 off Brazil, 01°38'S, 39°52'W.

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