Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Argonaut Sunk

SUN 10 JAN 1943
Transport submarine Argonaut (APS-1) is sunk by Japanese aircraft (582d Kokutai, 21st Air Flotilla) and destroyers Isokaze and Maikaze, as Argonaut attacks convoy southeast of New Britain, 05°40'S, 152°02'E.

Destroyer Shaw (DD-373) is damaged by grounding, Bulari Passage, New Caledonia.
[Yes, the same Shaw that blowed up good at Pearl Harbor.]

Motor torpedo boats PT-27 and PT-28 are damaged by storm, Dora Harbor, Unimak Island, Aleutians.

Submarine Trigger (SS-237) sinks Japanese destroyer Okikaze off Yokosuka, 35°02'N, 140°12'E.

RAAF Hudsons and Catalinas damage Japanese army cargo ship Brazil Maru off Lae. Navy planes attack the same convoy later but do not achieve any damage.

U.S. freighter Norwalk is sunk in collision with Norwegian freighter Nidareid north of Cuba, 28°18'N, 80°00'W. While one of the 30-man merchant crew perishes in the accident, none of the 14-man Armed Guard are hurt.

Norwegian freighter Dalvanger rescues 21 men from U.S. freighter Collingsworth, torpedoed and sunk by U-124 the previous day while in convoy TB 1.

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